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Second hand

Pre-owned kids’ beds and kids’ furniture

Your kid’s bed is no longer needed? You are welcome to resell your used kid’s furniture and accessories directly on this highly frequented site. This is a free service for Billi-Bolli products that you originally purchased new from us.

If you would like to resell Billi-Bolli products that you bought pre-owned (or a second hand Gullibo kids’ bed) on this site, then we take a € 60 fee, which will be fully donated to our charity projects.

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  • The offers on our second hand page have been translated automatically and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or the misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.

  • We take no responsibility for the information posted by customers about kids’ furniture for resale as we are unable to verify them.

  • Billi-Bolli Kindermöbel is not involved in the resulting resales.

  • Whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be determined by the interested party (see Resale price recommendation). Such an assessment cannot be derived from the fact that the item is placed on our Second hand page.

  • Please note that we cannot deliver accessories or expansion parts for Gullibo kids’ beds. If you are intending on expanding the bed, we recommend to directly opt for a Billi-Bolli bed. More information on Gullibo…

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Game crane, pine oil-waxed (Offer 2057)

Published: 15 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

On June 26, 2012, we bought a new low-cost Bolli high bed (140 x 200 cm, jaw oiled waxed). Our children are now too big for the game crane, so we are now putting it up for sale:

1 game crane (pine oil-waxed), complete NP €148€
We offer this for sale for €50 for self-pickup (pickup in Halle/Saale).
If the cost of dispatch is covered, we will also be happy to send the crane to the desired address with a transport company.


Dear Mrs. Eckert,
Please declare the offer 2057 as sold, as we have now also been able to place the game crane.
Sincerely for your support and kind greetings
Sabine Odcoma

Game crane, pine oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)

Beloved high bed spruce oiled and waxed wg move for sale (Offer 2055)

Published: 10 March 2016, sold: 12 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

We bought the pirate bed 5 months ago in a very good condition and now have to separate from it because of changed space with a heavy heart.

New price 2010 was 1600 euros
We bought it for 1200 euros
Price list 900 euros (also including the underused "Nele plus" youth mattress 90x200)

-Slide spruce oiled for midi3 and high bed
-Kojenboard 112 people-sided, honey-colored oiled
-Kojenbrett 102 in front (eg. Slide and ladder), honey-coloured oiled
-Small shelf, spruce oiled
-Steering wheel, spruce oiled
-2 curtain bars
-Crash protection for ladder
-Game crane
-Climbing rope
-Rocking plate
-Youth mattress Nele for top
-Invoice and set-up instructions

Beloved high bed spruce oiled and waxed wg move for sale (second hand loft bed)Beloved high bed spruce oiled and waxed wg move for sale (second hand loft bed)

BDaytime bedover corner, 100 x 200 cm, beech oil-waxed (Offer 2054)

Published: 10 March 2016 (second hand bunk bed)

Our daughters are now "almost" teenagers, so with a heavy heart we separate ourselves from our low-cost Bolli bunk bedover corner. Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of the set up bed.

Bunk bedover corner
Beech oil-waxed
Both levels of mattress size: 100 x 200 cm outer dimensions: L: 211 cm, B: 211 cm, H: 228.5 cm
Complete with slatted rust
Head Beech
2 bed boxes beech
Small bed shelf beech for the upper bed
Sprouden wall, beech longitudinal (never used)

The bed is broken down and can be picked up from us.

Low signs of use.

New price 2007: €2,249 (invoice available).
We'd like to have £1,400 for it.

High bed 90 x 200 cm & desk, beech oil-waxed (Offer 2053)

Published: 10 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

Collating high bed 90 x 200 cm, beech oil-waxed
Height-adjustable desk 63 x 123 cm, beech oil-waxed

We sell my daughter's hotly-loved original Billi Bolli playbed. Now the bed can make other children happy. At the bed there is still a built-in large shelf. We also sell the desk that fits the bed.
Bed (bought 2008):
90 x 200 cm including slatted rust, protective boards for upper floor, holding handles
Exterior L: 211 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm
Flat sprouts, ladder position A
Mouse rescuers: 150 cm for front mattress length 200 cm; 2x 102 cm on the side for mattress width 90 cm
Large shelf (bought 2010): 91 x 108 x 18 cm
Climbing rope made of natural hull with rocking plate

Desk (bought 2010): 63 x 123 cm, five-fold height adjustable (from 61 cm to 71 cm) and the writing plate triple inclination adjustable

Material: Beech oil-waxed

Condition: Very good with the age corresponding signs of use. The bed can be visited beforehand.

The bed is still built (see photos), self-dismantling is recommended, so that it can be rebuilt more easily later. We will be happy to help with the dismantling.
We are a non-smoking budget.

VP the high bed, large shelf and desk: 1150 .-(new price 2021 .-).
(VP only the high bed and large shelf (without a desk): 1000 (new price 1653 .-)
VP only the desk: 200 .-(new price 368 .-)).
Payment in cash upon collection.
Only to self-pickers. The bed is sold without a mattress.

The instructions with different variants and original bills are available.


Dear Ms. Eckert,
The bed and desk are sold. Thank you very much for the mediation!
Kind regards
Aira Paschke

High bed 90 x 200 cm & desk, beech oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)High bed 90 x 200 cm & desk, beech oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)

Bunk bed (Offer 2052)

Published: 08 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

Unfortunately, we have to part with our beautiful bed. It is a growing high bed made of untreated pine, bought in December 2009. It is impeccably fine, as little is used, and additionally has a climbing wall, a swing (rope with plate) and a bedside table.
At that time it cost € 1557 (without delivery, invoice available). I'd like to have € 800 for it.

The bed is located in 1070 Vienna, Kellermanngasse. I ask for self-collection.


Dear Mrs Eckert,
the bed was sold. Thank you for your help!
With best regards from Vienna,
Anne Rossberg

Bunk bed (second hand loft bed)

Single bars oiled in jaws (Offer 2050)

Published: 07 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

After successfully converting our bed into a youth high bed, we would like to sell second-hand the parts we no longer use, but another family that wants to buy a Cheap Bolli bed may want to integrate to make the bed a little more cost-effective. to develop in a certain way.
These are the following parts treated in pine oil wax, slightly darkened, but without damage:
Designations by caption at the time of purchase May 2011 (invoicat23280/11):
(New names in parentheses)

3x S3 (H1)
2x S2 (H1-BR)
1x W7 (L2)
2x W5 (B1)
1x W1 (L1)
2x S4
1x SR

The 11 parts are in 10407 Berlin
Price 50 EUR


Dear Mrs. Eckert,

The furniture parts have already been sold. Thank you very much!


Thomas Graf

Single bars oiled in jaws (second hand loft bed)

Co-growing high bed 120x200 cm pine oiled (Offer 2049)

Published: 07 March 2016 (second hand loft bed)

We sell our growing Billi-Bolli high bed plus accessories.

L: 211 cm B: 132 cm H:225.5 cm
High bed including slatted grate and mattress (extra thick mattress)
Flat sprouts
Ladder grille for ladder area
Kojenboard front between the ladder and the slide
Hanging chair from IKEA

It has now been placed two steps higher and set up without a slide (but this is being sold). Due to the width, even a friend can sleep in bed with a friend. It is a used bed from a non-smoking household, not glued or painted. The high bed is still built and can be dismantled together with the pickup. This is recommended so that it can be rebuilt more easily later.

It was purchased in November 2011 at a new price of 1,422 euros (bed) plus mattress (300 euros) and hanging chairs.
Our asking price is 900 euros and is payable in cash if you collect ourselves.

The invoice and set-up instructions are available.

Location: 86937 Scheuring


Dear Ms. Eckert,
Thank you so much that we were able to set our bed with you. There are God be thanks to enough people who know what a great quality such a bed is. We sold it right on Monday when they hired it and it was picked up yesterday and has now found a new dear home in Neutraubling.
Dear Greetings Family Zamborlin

Co-growing high bed 120x200 cm pine oiled (second hand loft bed)

Both-the-bed type 2A (Offer 2048)

Published: 04 March 2016 (second hand kids’ furniture)

We have to separate ourselves from our great Beide-sleep-obs-obbed.
The bed is in good condition, with slight signs of use.
New purchased from Billi-Bolli in August 2010 for NP £2,092

This is: Lat rust, ladders and handles for ladders
1 coyboard 150 cm
1 coyboard 102 cm
Steering wheel
2 small bed shelves
Rocking seat Piratos

Bed and accessories have a honey-colored oil wax treatment.

At the moment, only the high bed is still built up. It can be mined together.
Original invoice and set-up instructions are available.

Price above: £1,000
Location: Zwickau
Only self-collection


Dear Ms. Eckert,
Thank you for this great service.
The bed is already sold and picked up.
Daniela Spitzer

Both-the-bed type 2A (second hand kids’ furniture)

Bunk bed, pine oil-waxed (Offer 2047)

Published: 03 March 2016 (second hand bunk bed)

Unfortunately, we too have to sell our bunk bed, which was only bought in October 2014, because of a move abroad:

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm, pine oil-waxed
Complete with slatted rust
Climbing rope and rocking plate
A small bed shelf for the top bed
Curtain bars and curtains
Minimal signs of use, no stickers, stains, etc

New price 1,675 euros (bill available)
We would like to have 1,100 euros for this


Dear Billi Bolli Team!
You can take the ad out again. I could have sold the bed seven times on day one! Well, people just know what's good! Thank you and best greetings, Lieschke family

Bunk bed, pine oil-waxed (second hand bunk bed)

Collating high bed, 90 x 200 cm, beech oil-waxed (Offer 2046)

Published: 29 February 2016 (second hand loft bed)

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our amazing Cheap Bolli high bed plus accessories.
It is in very good condition, not painted and has only very slight signs of use. It comes from an animal-free non-smoking household.
It was newly purchased in May 2009 for €1,222.00.

High bed 90 x 200 cm beech oil including slatted rust, protective boards for upper floor, holding handles, ladder, cover caps in wood paints.
Exterior: L: 211cm, B: 102cm, H: 228.5 cm
-two cojenboards (front and stirred), beech oil
-Curtain bar set for two sides, beech oil (curtains are delivered free of charge on request)

The mattress is not part of the offer!

Our price launch: €650.00
Original invoice and set-up instructions are available. Joint dismantling is possible.
Only for sale to self-pickers. Pick-up at 22391 Hamburg.


Dear Ms. Eckert,
Our Cheap Bolli bed was already sold after an hour!
Thank you very much and many greetings from Hamburg,
The Thiel family

Collating high bed, 90 x 200 cm, beech oil-waxed (second hand loft bed)

You have been searching patiently for a while now but to no avail?

Have you already considered buying a new Billi-Bolli bed instead? When you no longer need it, you too can use our successful Secondhand Page, completely free of charge. Thanks to the high resale value of our beds, you will get a good return on your purchase even after many years of use. For this reason, a new Billi-Bolli bed is, economically speaking, a very good investment.

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