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Gullibo loft beds and bunk beds

Billi-Bolli? Gullibo? Information on the connection between the two brands

Did you sleep in a Gullibo loft bed as a child and were thrilled? Then you will be even more so from Billi-Bolli, because our children's beds are much more advanced than the Gullibo beds. On this page you will find all the information.

What does Billi-Bolli have to do with Gullibo?

We are in friendly contact with the developer of the Gullibo beds, Mr. Ulrich David. The company Gullibo no longer exists.

The basic construction of our beds is similar to Gullibo's, but they differ in the details. The latest version of DIN EN 747 is much stricter than it was back then. Since we implement these, the height of the fall protection, screw connections, slatted frames, bed box guides, grab rails, etc. slightly different.

In addition, we have enormously expanded the number of body variants: starting with the fact that the children's beds are now growing with the child, through triple, four, both-top, to skyscraper bunk beds. Also, the available accessories are much more extensive than at Gullibo at the time: A variety of themed boards have been added, a climbing wall, a firefighter's pole, a board, protective devices and much more.

Time does not stand still. In terms of our topic, this means: Gullibo was good, Billi-Bolli is even better!

Can your accessories be attached to Gullibo children's beds?

Gullibo beds had slightly different dimensions, so unfortunately many of our accessories are not compatible. However, you can attach accessories from us from the For swinging and Decorative Accessories categories to Gullibo beds, which are independent of the dimensions of the basic construction. The steering wheel and steering wheel can also be attached.

Can you supply parts for the extension or conversion of a Gullibo loft bed?

Have you inherited a loft bed from Gullibo and would like to expand it? We can offer you undrilled beams cut to length according to your specifications in thicknesses of 57 × 57 mm. You can drill the necessary holes or grooves yourself. However, you have to carry out the basic considerations yourself; We cannot provide drawings for specific beams or beds as well as parts lists. We do not assume any responsibility for the safety and stability of the construction resulting from the conversion.

Can you supply screws or other small spare parts for Gullibo beds?

We can supply you with 100 carriage bolts and matching steel sleeve nuts, please contact us for this. In addition, we can cut suitable beam parts to the desired length, see previous question. In addition, unfortunately, we cannot offer spare parts and advice for Gullibo beds.