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Note: Beds marked as in stock come with ladder position A. If you choose a different ladder position, the bed will be custom-built for you.
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Additional notes and requests

Would you like to share additional information and details with us? Here you can add comments to your order and specify requests or note if you could not find all the product variants you were looking for.

Dispatch type*

Depending on the dimensions of your packages, you will either receive them on a pallet to the kerbside (beds and larger orders) or via parcel service (e.g. smaller accessory orders). Any pallet used may remain with you.

The delivery times indicated on the product pages apply to Germany (it takes a few days longer for delivery to other countries).

The parcels will be carried right to the kidโ€™s room (at no extra charge). Only available within Germany.

The delivery will take approximately 1 โ€“ 3 weeks longer than specified on the product pages.

Lightweight orders will be sent via parcel service with this option as well (quicker delivery).

If you choose to pickup your goods directly from our workshop (25 km east of Munich), you will receive a 5 % discount on your total order, as long as the value of the goods exceeds โ‚ฌ 500.

Our beds fit in just about any small car with a trunk lid, as long as the passenger seat can be folded flat.

We will notify you once your goods are ready for pickup.

Desired delivery/pickup date*

Select when you want to receive your order here.

We will manufacture or โ€“ if in stock โ€“ ship your order as quickly as your selected delivery option allows. Once the goods have left our building or are ready for pickup you will receive a message from us.

Use this option if you prefer delivery or pickup to be in a specific time period (or after a certain date).

Choosing a fixed date is only possible within Germany: if you pick up your order or if you select the following delivery option โ€œdelivery via carrier or parcel serviceโ€. Lightweight orders are sent via parcel service, the fixed date option is not available in this case. We will let you know as soon as possible if your requested date is available and in case it is not, we will arrange an alternative date with you. Delivery will take place between 8:00 and 17:00 on a fixed date, without any additional prior notification.

Payment method*

After placing your order, you will receive payment information incl. bank account details (IBAN / BIC) for a SEPA payment.

Payment by credit card is quick and easy. To make your payment, simply enter your card details.

Please note that your credit card provider may charge you a currency conversion fee/foreign transaction fee for payments in โ‚ฌ (usually approx. 0.5 - 2 % of the total amount).

PayPal is one of the leading online payment services and provides easy, fast and secure online payment.

You pay in cash upon pickup. Only available if you choose the โ€œPickupโ€ option.

You will pay in cash when the carrier employee delivers your order. This option is only available within Germany if HERMES is the carrier of choice. Not available for orders of products with a varnished/glazed finish.

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