Used Kids Beds and Accessories

No longer need your kids bed? On this page you can put your used kids furniture and accessories from Billi-Bolli up for sale. This is free of charge for those who purchased new from us. (There is a € 50 fee* to sell Billi-Bolli kids furniture already purchased second hand.)

You may also offer your used original Gullibo bed (no replica) up for sale. When you purchase one of our kids beds, you also have the opportunity to place a free offer for your cot or baby crib that is no longer needed – also from other manufacturers – on this high-traffic webpage.

* Fees only apply to Gullibo beds and beds that were bought second hand and entirely go towards our charitable projects.
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  • The offers on our Secondhand Page have been translated using an automated program and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.
  • We take no responsibility for the information relating to the kids furniture posted for sale by customers, as it cannot be verified by us. Billi-Bolli Kids Furniture is not involved in resulting sales. Assessing whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be done by the interested party. Such assessment cannot be made from the fact that the item is placed on our Secondhand Page.
  • Please note that for Gullibo kids beds we cannot deliver accessories or expansion parts. So if you are planning expansions of the bed, we recommend a Billi-Bolli bed.
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At this point you find some with traces of use backscatter, different used items and exhibits. Shipping costs vary and can be obtained from us.
* Wall bar with a small, not disturbing pressure point and repair, a rung is slightly thinner. The fastening must be drilled 4 holes on the bed itself. Oiled beech 200 EUR (instead of 262 EUR) * mouse Board 112 cm for short page at youth bed low, type 1 with mattress width 100 cm (side bar W5 furthermore not be installed then), pine oil, 20 EUR * quiet bed of spruce, left untreated (without mattress). 120 EUR (instead of 269 EUR) mistakes (E.g. error concerning dimensions or State), transport damage or non-discoverability on here offered parts lead to refund any prepaid, but not new production or new procurement of parts at a discounted price.

+49 8121 - 2 50 85-0
Offer 1716 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 20 April 2015

Bunk bed 90 x 200, height 228,5 incl. slatted frame and handles large shelf nightstand wall bars (not on the picture) the conversion kit to the ladder on the side to mount exists of course.

The bed was bought by us at the end 2006, is but no longer used by our son for some time.
It is located in a very good condition, no damage or major wear.

Purchase price at the time: EUR 949 our purchase price: 490 EUR bed is built up (build instructions exist) in Neubrandenburg (M/V).


Familie Wojda
0177 2825877
Offer 1715 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 20 April 2015

Our bed in spruce, oiled has served out and looking for a new owner.
After 13 years with two adventurous boys, the bed has natural signs of wear (among other things, several scratches, some dents, wood darker to) on.
The pirate bed is ideal for children's rooms with sloping because the central bar (for jib) can be mounted outside.
With the observation tower, (provided with Spielboden) a super game bed for pirates, Knights and co.

Equipment: included in the sale price - roof slant bed for mattress 90x200cm spruce, oiled, incl. slatted frame. Overall dimensions: L211cm, B102cm, H228 cm or 66 cm - 2 bunks oiled with roles.
-Oiled steering wheel.
-(Game crane (swivel) - 4 cushion blue based, washable) - protection boards for the top - 1 Protection Board for down (ideal for young children) - Feurwehrstange incl. Kit (2007) following article can if necessary against small charge be purchased with: hammock Chair (IKEA) - cold foam mattress - various matching bedding (football, pirate, Knight..)

The new price for the bed incl. accessories and delivery of EUR 1.550.-(2002).
Our asking price is €700.-(VHB). Original invoices and Setup instructions are available.
The bed can be visited in 74336 Brackenheim (close to Heilbronn am Neckar) and picked up.
More photos + details on demand.

This is a private sale, no warranties, no returns and no guarantee.


Familie Feldhoffer
Offer 1714 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 20 April 2015, sold on 20 April 2015

Bunk bed 90 x 200 cm - slatted, oiled, protective boards for upper floor and grab handles - small dessert shelf (top photo) - 2 large shelves - 3 curtain rods and 3 Curtains (only 1 red and white curtain to the demonstration is hung up on the photo, but there are 2 front and 1 for the page) - 2 matching curtains for full-size window - steering wheel - rope - swing plate - protection board the bed was bought in late 2002 and has appropriate wear (but billibolli is know "unbreakable!)
New price was over 1000 Euro asking price 450 euro is picking up in 83607 Holzkirchen South of Munich


Please take out the display! The bed has already been sold!
Thank you for your effort, Billibolli was 13 years. our companion, only to recommend!
Greeting C Ahner

Offer 1713 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 20 April 2015

We sell a sparse Loft bed purchased 7 years ago, as our son gets a new room facilities. Mattress size is 90/200. The bed is made of pine and untreated. The bed has the following facilities * ladder with flat rungs * 2 handles at the head * slatted * 2 bunk boards * 2 additional protective boards * climbing rope * swing plate * curtain Rails on a long and a short side we want to bed for EUR 700 sale. (Purchase price 2008 was 920 EUR).
For this bed even sewn curtains can be bought with, see photo (EUR 20).

Bed is already built, the original pattern available, so that a building is possible without any problems. It can be picked up by appointment in Frankfurt am Main, we are happy to help with.


Kontakt zu uns können Sie am besten aufnehmen unter
Offer 1712 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 17 April 2015

We sell our sparse Billi Bolli high bed, which is currently built as a youth bed. It is untreated spruce and in good condition (up on a few knots in the rope). We bought it in 2008 and it was used to sleep.

Size: 200 x 100, head position B, slides position A. the following accessories are: - slide 2 and 3 for MIDI - bunk boards (112 front bunk, bunk Board 102 front, bunk Board 54 front at remote chute) - rope - plate swing - wheel - shop Board new price of 1,140 EUR like we can build off the bed sale price EUR 700 together with the buyer together, that facilitates the construction. The Assembly instructions are also available. Like, I will send more photos also of accessories.

We are a non-smoking household no pets.

The bed is available in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg.

Tel. 07071 99 73 097
Offer 1711 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 16 April 2015

We sell the slide includes the Tower (with installation instructions) our son because he has become too large.

We purchased both 2007. Both it's in a very good condition, the chute with traces of use, but without any doodle or stickers etc.
The port bunk Board with one of them.
-Slide the jaw, left untreated, slides Tower jaw if left untreated, new price oiled pine bunk Board: 300,-EUR retail price: 200, - EUR is both 60487 Frankfurt - Bockenheim


J. Hirth
Mail:, 069/8720 9728
Offer 1710 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 15 April 2015, sold on 18 April 2015

We sell our original Gullibo adventure game bed H 220 cm, L 213 cm, B 102cm for mattress 90 x 200 cm bed is in good condition. No stickers, visible tics or doodle.
A common breakdown of the bed is possible the following original Gullibo Accessories: - sailing - steering wheel - guy - wire (to right or left attached be) - 2 entry tools/handles - 2 drawers T 89 cm, W 90.5 cm - 2 mesh parts (COTS) and - 1 door for little brothers and sisters for the lower layer - 1 COTS Board for the lower level are available (not shown) with mattress: Prolana youth mattress + replacement cover for the mattress, washable at 60 ° C.

The bed is placed in an animal-hair-free non-smoking household in Otterstadt/Speyer.
New price EUR 1.200,-plus accessories price: EUR 650,-


The bed was sold and picked up already. Thank you very much. It worked great all.
Many greetings from the Palatinate region of Thomas Pischem

Offer 1709 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 15 April 2015

Here we offer our Billi Bolli stock bed (bed side offset) for sale. We bought the bed for our children then three - and one-year 2008 and it has made the two always fun. The bed is made of white lacquered pine wood. The State's as well to bezeichnen...wir is also however many labels of our children, so that the paint is more in the appropriate places. Of course, there are also some places where the paint is damaged.
Now the children want separate beds - and wonderful bed looking for a new owner.

We offer: - side offset bed made of white painted pine (total width: total 292cm, height: Matrazenmaß is 219 cm, depth 108 cm, the hanging bar 150 cm deep,: 190 X 90, 2 bed slats, all as shown.) The side bars are no longer available, can be reordered but surely.
-Rope, swing plate wheel spruce 2 mattresses (if desired) Assembly instructions (was me by Billi Bolli submitted) good condition. Traces of use. Animal free non-smoking household.

The new price was around 2000,-EUR price: 600,-EUR I help to reduce...


Familie Herdemerten
Telefon: 0163/4878801
Offer 1708 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 14 April 2015

Austria: bunk bed corner + wide conversion for Loft bed + conversion beds we sell our Billi Bolli combination, which Vielfalt was ideal for us: bunk bed wide corner (90 x 200), conversion parts for high bed (120 x 200), conversion parts for single bed (90 x 200), all parts of spruce oil, lots of accessories: two box, crane beams, steering wheel, bunk boards swing, 1 shelf.

Total price new 2.300.-EUR total
VB: 1.000. EUR obtained parts from 2006-2011, have signs of wear, but no paintings, no damage or Mace, a few stickers. The wood is dark after, good overall condition. More photos on demand, telephone information.
The bed alone with a friend have built and once moved, that is feasible. :)
Original pattern is still there.
The reduction should be made by the buyer, I help in love and make rolls. The bed is placed in Innsbruck.


Tel. 0043/(0)664/378 09 42
Offer 1707 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 April 2015

We sell our Billi Bolli bunk bed in beech (oiled).

Because the bed was last built as youth bed, the accessories are not to see in the photo.
The bed is composed of: - bunk bed for 1 child - rope (cotton) with swing plate - fire rod (ASH) - bunk Board (with porthole) - steering wheel - curtain rods for the two short and one long side - we have Slatted bed 2007 bought. Original price: 1492,-euro is our price 1100,-euro we are a non-smoking household. The bed has slight traces of usage, but no sticker or traces of paint.

It must be picked up just yet, because we have already mined.

In addition is a Nele-mattress in the special measure for 87x200cm for 150,-euro (OP: 378,-EUR) and if necessary curtains with fish pattern for 20 euros to sell.


Tel: 0821/2401665
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