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Sell your pre-owned kids’ bed on our second hand page free of charge

Selling your pre-loved Billi-Bolli children’s furniture or accessories via our Second hand page is easy and quick. All you need to do is edit the following details and we will create with them an offer on our second hand page.

This is a new form for publishing offers. If you discover errors, need any assistance or have comments, please send us an e-mail to secondhand@billi-bolli.de. Thank you very much!

What do you want to sell?*

Have you purchased the products new from us or already used?*

Title of the offer

Select a meaningful offer title (maximum 70 characters). You are welcome to indicate your location in the title and features such as the type of wood, or even the mattress size, if it is not the most common measure 90 x 200 cm. Please refrain from words in only CAPITAL LETTERS and adjectives such as e.B.e. "beautiful loft bed".

Please write the title and all other descriptions of the offer on german.

Your offer title:*

Examples of allowed headings:
* Growing loft bed with mouse themed boards in pine, white glazed
* Bunk bed-sided-offset with pirate decoration in Munich
* Cuddly corner bed in 80 x 200 cm with fire brigade pole

Examples of illegal headings:
* Megatolles loft bed
* BABY COT IN 90X200

Offer picture*

Upload a photo that will appear on the thrift page of your listing.

Notes on the photo:
* File preferences: JPG file with a resolution of at least 1200 × 1200 pixels (better: at least 3000 × 3000)
* Make sure that the bed or accessory is nice and large in the center of the picture. They also increase the sales opportunities if the picture is well lit and the children's room is tidy.
* After selecting the photo, a small preview of it is displayed here. If the image is rotated incorrectly in the preview, please rotate the image in the original file, save it again and select it again.
* For beds, a total intake is basically sufficient, even if not every single attached accessory is recognizable in detail. If you want to sell different accessories without a bed, please put them in a picture. If you still want to have several different photos in your offer, you can create a collage (e.B online for free here), which you can then select here for upload.
* You assure that you have the rights to the photo and give us permission to put it online.

Details of the offer

If necessary, provide further information on material and size, as well as on how the furniture should be dismantled.

surface treatment: 
Mattress size of the bed: 
If you are not sure, measure the external dimensions of the bed. The external dimension of our loft beds is 11 or 13 cm larger than the mattress size. Z.B. the mattress size is 100 × 200 cm if you measure 113 × 211 cm as an external dimension.

Accessories and mattresses

If necessary, enter separately contained accessories or mattresses in the following field by comma. Keep the list concise and specify the type of wood and dimensions of an accessory only if it deviates from the bed. Purchase prices are not to be mentioned in this field. If necessary, leave the field empty if no other items are included. (You have more space for a free description in the "Free description and condition" section below.)

Age and price

Mattresses in good condition can also be given away, we recommend free of charge (pre-owned mattresses are generally not popular). In any case, you have to deduct them from the purchase price you paid. The same applies to any delivery and/or assembly costs since they have been “used up”.

If you had ordered the products from us and we delivered them to you in a non-EU country, you received an invoice without VAT from us at that time (please check on the basis of the invoice). The VAT of your country (which you paid separately to the forwarding company at that time), you may therefore in this case add to the invoice amount of our invoice at that time when specifying the new price at that time (but not the delivery costs themselves).

Year of manufacture:* 
Original (then) original price, if necessary after deduction of discounts, without mattresses and without delivery (whole €):*  €  (if unknown, please enter "0")
Your total selling price:*  € 
Will one/more mattress(s) be handed over?*
Resale value / asking price recommendation for Billi-Bolli Beds

Free description and condition

Here you can provide further information or details that are not yet covered by the other information in this form, or loosen up the offer with free text. This text appears as an introduction to the offer before the other information. You can also describe the general condition of the parts here. (Which accessories are included is not to be listed here but in the corresponding field "Accessories and mattresses" above.) Information regarding excluded withdrawal or warranty is not necessary, these are already listed in the general notes on the second-hand page. Divide longer texts into paragraphs (each with a blank line in between).

Location and your contact details on offer

Specify how interested parties can contact you. After the sale has been made, the contact details are removed from the second-hand side. You can provide an email address, phone number, or both. (Encrypting your e-mail address in the source code of the page makes it more difficult for spambots to access it.)

Location (postcode & city, possibly country if not D):* 
e-mail address: 
and/or* phone number: 

Your message to us

Only if you would like to tell us something about your offer, you can do so in the following field. Your message will not be co-published.

This form for setting is new. Please give us (optional) feedback here: Is everything understandable? Is it clear which information is to be provided where? Are you missing a field? Do you have any other suggestions for improvement? Thank you very much!

Contact info for Billi-Bolli

For any queries or notifications about your second-hand offer, e.B. after activation, we need your e-mail address and your name. They will only be used for this purpose and will not be published in the offer (unless you have also provided the same e-mail address at the top of the contact details of the offer).

e-mail address:* 
E-mail address (repeat):* 
Her last name:* 

Submit offer

Please go to the ↑ top of the page and go through all the information provided again. If everything is correct, you can submit the offer by clicking on the button below.

We will usually check the offer at the latest on the next working day (Monday to Friday) and then activate it on our second-hand page (or – if you have already purchased the bed yourself used – send you the invoice for the adjustment fee). In individual cases, it may also take 2 working days. In any case, you will receive a notification from us by e-mail.

* After activation, your offer appears at the top of the first page in the second-hand area. With the appearance of further offers, it slips further back. If it slips on page 4 without a sale (which rarely happens if you choose a realistic selling price from the outset according to our recommendations), we recommend a reduction in the selling price.
* You can change offer details afterwards, but a later "re-fetching up" – i.e. a repositioning of the offer on the 1st page of the second-hand area – is not possible (please refrain from discussing this point with us).
* Via your contact options displayed in the offer, interested parties can contact you directly. Billi-Bolli is not involved in this communication or the processing of sales.
* After the sale has been made, simply inform us by e-mail and we will mark the offer as "sold".
* We reserve the right to remove or change information that was incorrectly recognized, as well as to reject offers.
* Unsold listings will be removed from the thrift page after 1 year.

By submitting the form you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Uploading the photo may take some time depending on the file size and internet connection. After clicking on the button, please wait until the confirmation page is displayed.