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More beds for babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults

Cribs for small children, low beds for teenagers and double beds for adults

A new citizen of the earth is here – an incomparable moment! Now it is necessary to set up the children's room in such a way that the newcomer is well-protected. With our beds for toddlers, fresh-faced parents do everything right. Our models are perfectly suited to the needs of the little ones: built according to German quality standards, thanks to expansion possibilities many years usable and ecologically sustainable.

Baby Crib. Versatile, convertible baby cribs and cots for the youngest
Baby Crib →

Unlike conventional baby cots, our baby cot is a permanent purchase, as it can later be extended to one of the other cots with the appropriate extension set. The cot thus becomes a growing bunk bed. Thanks to our extensive accessories, this becomes an extremely attractive play bed. The growing bunk bed can later become a four-poster bed, if the children want to sleep down again. The baby cot is the perfect introduction to our bed dinging world and, due to its wide range of possibilities, the ideal future-oriented purchase.

from € 1,064.00
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Details: Baby Crib

Bedside Crib. For newborns up to 9 months
Bedside Crib →

Nothing means more to the newborns than the proximity to the mother. This also applies at night. The still bed for newborns is the perfect cot for the first 8-9 months. It is placed with the open side to "Mamas" bed. This extra bed is height-adjustable and has a storage table for diapers, pacifiers and what else you need around the bed. After its use as an extra bed, it is used as a bench or painting table, so it has multiple functions and is an extremely worthwhile purchase.

from € 215.00
Details: Bedside Crib

Low Youth Beds. Low beds for teens, guests, grandmas and grandpas, …
Low Youth Beds →

There are four different types of low youth beds to choose from, which are distinguished by their different height head and foot parts and other protective beams. The youth beds can also be converted into one of the other cots later with the appropriate extension set and, if necessary, also again. Our youth beds are beds with unlimited useful life.

from € 412.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Low Youth Beds

Bed for Parents. “We want one too!” – the Bed for Parents
Bed for Parents →

The bed for couples in the typical Billi-Bolli look and quality. Our double bed has a clear, function-oriented design with enormous stability. Our customers and we find it straightforward, simple and beautiful.

from € 884.00
free shipping (DE)
Details: Bed for Parents

Other Options. Pitched roof, play floor and other customisation options for our kids’ beds
Other Options →

Special adjustments of our cots to your children's room: sloping roof, swing beams outside, flat rungs or play floor instead of slatted frame, ...

More information about our other beds

In this category you will find more beds for babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults. Below are some useful information about these beds.


What distinguishes beds for toddlers?

Beds for young children must meet the special needs of young people. Stability and safety are essential, sharp edges and unclean wood are taboo. Baby grids on the bed prevent the little one from going on an exploratory tour at night. Our high-quality baby cots, manufactured in our master workshop in Pastetten near Munich, exceed the European standards for baby cots – in our models, the little ones sleep safely and well-protected. The solid woods from sustainable forestry processed by us are free of pollutants, all wood parts are cleanly ground and beautifully rounded.

What functionalities do beds for young children need?

In the first years of life, the offspring discovers the world with awake and laughing eyes. This makes it all the more important that your darling can recover and sleep safely. Beds for young children should therefore fulfil certain functionalities. Our checklist tells you what to look out for – so that you too, as a parent, can sleep with peace of mind:
* Safe and stable construction
* Pollutant-free, natural materials and clean workmanship
* for painted surfaces: saliva-resistant and safe paints
* Baby-friendly bed dimensions
* baby grid to prevent the little explorer's nocturnal hiking tours
* durable surfaces
* Wschbare upholstery and mattress
* height-adjustable lying surface

Tip: A height-adjustable lying surface is especially recommended for newborns. This will make breastfeeding, wrapping and cuddling more relaxed and, above all, more gentle on the back.

Safety and quality of beds for young children

Especially for beds for young children, it is particularly important to pay attention to safety and quality. Thus, the bed should have no edges or crossstruts, on which your child could climb up. When rolling on the bed, care should be taken to ensure that they can be detected in order to avoid rolling away. In addition to safety, special attention should also be paid to the material and its processing.

Since 1991 we have been producing beds for toddlers and other children's furniture. Our master workshop near Munich works to the highest quality standards – every bed is made with love so that you can entrust your loved one to it. We work exclusively with solid woods that come from sustainable forestry, mainly pine and beech. Both woods have proven themselves in bed making for generations. The result is stable and absolutely cleanly processed beds for toddlers, which have incorporated our decades of experience. Of course, the woods used are free of pollutants, and the paints are also saliva-resistant. With a baby cot from Billi-Bolli, you can rely on long-lasting and sustainably produced quality. This is also reflected in the resale value: If you want to use your bed later, you can offer your billi-bolli cot in our second-hand area free of charge.

What to look for when choosing beds for toddlers?

At Billi-Bolli we offer three basic models that are particularly suitable for toddlers and babies: the still bed, the baby cot and our growing bunk bed. Depending on the age of the offspring and their requirements, a different basic model is recommended. For newborns up to about nine months, the still bed is just right. It is a baby balcony that can be placed on the mother's bed. When your child starts to explore the world crawling, you can switch to the crib equipped with lattice sprouts. Since the little ones are growing very fast, we have decided to make our beds flexible for toddlers: the baby cots can be extended to children's and youth beds, and our bunk bed even grows with. This gives you a product that is ecologically and economically sustainable – and in which your offspring will enjoy for many years to come.

What is the difference between a baby cot and an extra bed?

On the one hand there is the baby cot and the growing bunk bed – on the other hand the extra bed, also called a baby balcony: these basic models are tailored to the requirements of young children. But what makes the three beds for toddlers different? And which product is right for your child? Our comparison table will help you decide:

For whom?

Still bed (extra bed, baby balcony)
For newborns up to nine months

* can be placed directly at the parent's bed
* Storage area for diapers, pacifiers and co.
* height-adjustable

* makes breastfeeding more relaxed
* Child does not perceive sleep time as a separation from the mother
* practical storage areas included

For children from the age of the crab

* with baby grille
* numerous accessories and conversion options
Sustainability through conversion and extension to the play bed and cot

Placement of the bed in the room

After choosing the bed you want, you now face the question: Where should the bed be best placed for my baby? The optimal position also depends, of course, on spatial conditions. In the first months of life, the still bed should be in the parental bedroom. This is not only practical for breastfeeding mothers, the parental breathing sounds also serve the respiratory regulation of the newborn. The ideal room temperature is 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. In addition, the extra bed should be placed in such a way that no shelves or cupboards are placed above the bed.

If you have your own children's room for your child, care should also be taken to ensure good room air and temperature. For this purpose, the bed for the toddler should be fixed and stable with the headboard on a room wall. Of course, you should also make sure that there are no lamps, power cables or sockets close to the baby handle. Place the bed in an area where it has sufficient distance from heaters and windows. This prevents your baby from being affected by dry air or direct sunlight.

Tips for buying beds for toddlers

Are you looking for the optimal baby cot for your little treasure? At Billi-Bolli you will find ecologically sustainable quality products from the German master's workshop. The following tips will help you choose beds for infants:
* Pay attention to the quality of the bed construction and high quality materials.
* All processed materials and paints must be safe and free of harmful substances.
* Make sure baby-friendly bedding such as a high-quality mattress
* High-quality and sustainable products also have a high resale value.