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Sustainability at Billi-Bolli

The optimal product cycle with many usage cycles using the example of billi-Bolli children's furniture

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Importance of the use of sustainably produced wood

It is not new information that the earth's trees play a major role in the climate situation by inseuating CO2 and dispensing oxygen. This can be read in countless documents and should not be discussed in detail here. That is why it is important to use wood from sustainable forestry in all contexts, whether as timber, furniture construction or paper production. Sustainably simply explained means renewable. Sustainable forestry means that the removed trees are replanted in at least the same number, so the quantity balance is at least neutral. We only use wood with FSC or PEFC certification, which ensures this.

Energy consumption in production

The question remains about the energy balance during the production and marketing of our beds, because the machines need electricity and workshop and office must be illuminated, heated in winter, and cooled in summer. Here, the modern building technology of our building makes a further contribution to a positive eco-balance. We obtain the electrical energy required in our company from our 60 kW/p photovoltaic system and the heating energy required for the building from our geothermal system, so that we do not need fossil energy.

Hard or uncontrollable areas

However, there are also areas in the production chain that we cannot fully control, such as transport routes. Last but not least, the delivery of the furniture to you is still mainly carried out by vehicles with internal combustion engines.

But in order to compensate for this CO2 emissions, we also plant a tree for each bed sold via the Trillion Tree Campaign.

Product cycle and durability

The best energy balance can still be achieved with energy that is not consumed at all. This can be achieved by producing durable products: instead of four times the energy consumption for 4 low-cost products of lower quality, for example, one has a one-time consumption for an item with four times (or even longer) service life. Three products are therefore not produced at all. It is well known which way we have chosen.

Secondhand market

In order for this long service life of our furniture to be put into practice, and thus to save resources in raw material (wood) and energy, the path of primary and subsequent uses must be clearly and simply structured.

Our highly frequented secondhand page is available to our customers. It allows our customers in a comfortable way to sell their furniture to those interested in high-quality, used furniture at a price that is attractive to both sides.

So in a way, we're competing with our second-hand side. We do this consciously. We believe that it is essential to practice sustainable action even if it means partial restriction and renunciation (here: renunciation of sales). Otherwise, they would be just empty words.