We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Why we don’t offer long-term bargains and rebates

We know that bargain hunting is very popular. There are always offers such as the Winter Savings weeks in winter, spring discounts in the springtime, etc., and always the same method is used: “If you order before …, …”. With a little reflection, however, one discovers that companies can only afford permanent bargains if they budgeted them in advance. We think it’s fair to do without misleading “Super Savings Offers” and to make family-friendly prices from the outset. According to our customers, we rate very well in the real comparison between quality and price – even without bargains…

There are still quite a few chances to save:

  • When paying via prepaymet, you receive a 2 % discount.
  • When ordering together with your friends or ordering multiple beds, you receive a discount up to 7 %. The desired delivery dates can be several months apart. See Order.
  • When you don’t need your Billi-Bolli bed anymore after many years of extensive use, you can put it up for sale at no charge on our Secondhand Page. If you then subtract the proceeds from the purchasing price, you have spent surprisingly little money.

Resale value/Asking price recommendation for Billi-Bolli Beds