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Installation heights for our loft beds and bunk beds

Possible heights for different ages

Our beds grow with your kids. This means that over time you can assemble them at different assembly heights without having to buy additional parts. Depending on the assembly height, the space underneath the Loft Bed is suitable e.g. for a play shop, a desk or a cool play den.

The depicted assembly heights and descriptions apply to all our bed types. Illustrated: Loft Bed Adjustable by Age, assembly height 4.

Installation heights for our loft beds and bunk beds

*) Note on age indication “according to DIN safety standard for kids aged 6 and above”

Children should be at least 6 years of age when using high beds as well as bunk beds according to the EN 747 Standard, where the age indication “over 6 years” originated. However, this safety standard does not take into account the 71 cm high fall protection (without mattress thickness) of our beds (the standard would only require the fall protection to go beyond the mattress by 16 cm). Essentially, assembly height 5 with a high fall protection is not a problem for children aged 5 and above.

Please note that our age indications are meant to be taken as suggestions. The suitable assembly height for your child depends on your child’s actual developmental stage and constitution.