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Charitable Projects

Solidarity with children around the world

We, as well as our customers, live an easier and in many ways more privileged life than many people in other parts of the world. Children, in particular, are subject to being the victims of wars and other disasters.

We do not want to look away, but rather be committed and engaged. It is for this reason that we alternate our support for different child-related projects that urgently need assistance. Even if we are not able to solve all the problems, every bit counts and continuity sharpens the awareness. We hope that you agree with us.


We are a supporting member of UNICEF. You, too, can support them with a periodical donation to make the world a better place for kids.

OAfrica e.V.
OAfrica e.V.

We have supported the “OAfrica” project in Ghana with € 34,000.

OAfrica was founded in Ghana in October 2002 with the aim of supporting orphans and children in need of protection in Ghana. They initially focused on improving the living conditions in orphanages and they also built a private orphanage. Today we know, however, that 90 % of the 4,500 children living in orphanages in Ghana – some under catastrophic conditions – are not actually orphans! Poor families send their children to orphanages as they consider this their only hope in securing their children’s survival. Therefore, OA believes that supporting the families and communities as the only sustainable way to give these children the chance of growing up within their families. The OA now focuses on the reintegration of children into their communities and on the support of their families. In addition, OA operates a separate children’s village in Ayenyah for those children who cannot return to their families because of personal fate and circumstances.


Schulen für Afrika
Schulen für Afrika

We have donated € 16,000 to the UNICEF project “Schools for Africa”.

Every child has the right to education. But in African regions south of the Sahara, about one in three children is not in school, even to this day. Many families are too poor to pay for their children’s school supplies. Rural schools, in particular, are often overcrowded, poorly equipped or simply too far away. There is also a lack of qualified teachers. The AIDS epidemic exacerbates the situation. UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Hamburg Society for the Promotion of Democracy and International Law, therefore, launched the campaign “Schools for Africa,” with the aim to ensure that children in altogether eleven African countries obtain a good, basic education. UNICEF supports the construction of additional classrooms, provides school supplies and trains teachers. The aim is for all schools to become “child-friendly”.


Miteinander Hoffnung pflanzen
Miteinander Hoffnung pflanzen

We have donated € 11,000 to the project “Miteinander Hoffnung pflanzen” (« Plant Hope Together »).

Palangavanu, located in southern Tanzania, is the sister community of the protestant church of our neighbouring village Markt Schwaben and embodies the principles of mutual giving, taking and learning. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, therefore it is supported in many ways through this project: AIDS education is carried out, tuition aid is provided and training is supported; students are supported with school materials and nurseries are built. In addition, goods such as clothing, vehicles, machines, materials or tools are collected and sent to Tanzania as needed.


Schritt für Schritt
Schritt für Schritt

We have donated € 5,000 to the charity project “Schritt für Schritt” (« Step by Step ») in India.

The goal of the non-profit organisation is to reduce poverty and misery in the Third World, with a focus on India. Supporting children, teenagers and young adults in need by providing education, it hopes to contribute to better social conditions and thereby enabling a secure future with a job and income.


Cap Anamur
Cap Anamur

We have supported the society “Cap Anamur – German Emergency Doctors e.V.” with € 3,500.

Cap Anamur provides humanitarian aid globally, often in places where the media interest has long abated. Their activities are focused on medical care and access to education. In war and crisis areas they build structures to improve the lives of people in distress on a sustained basis: they construct and rebuild hospitals and schools, supply construction materials, pharmaceuticals and relief items, and provide training and development for local personnel.



We have donated € 3,000 to UNICEF to ease and fight famine in South Sudan.

Since the beginning of the civil war in South Sudan, the situation has deteriorated with every passing month. The production of food ceased and millions of humans have fled to escape violence and pillage since the end of 2013; many fled to Juba, the capital. Poverty and hunger kept intensifying, and children and their families are affected the most. UNICEF staff members visiting the region report that children even started eating grass, leaves and wood because of the sheer hunger they keep suffering from.



In the wake of Hurricane “Matthew”, we have donated a 3,000 € cheque to UNICEF to help Haiti recover and rebuild.

Another blow for Haiti: similar to the destruction caused by the earthquake in 2010, Hurricane “Matthew” destroyed up to 90 percent of all the buildings. Only a small number of buildings with roofs was left standing, most houses were simply blown away. However, what was left was rendered useless by the flood water. To support the organisation’s rebuilding efforts in Haiti, we handed over a cheque to the UNICEF group in Munich.



We try to do our part in alleviating the unrelenting food crisis in Eastern Africa and have donated € 3,000 to the UNICEF branch in Munich.

An extreme drought, rising food prices and armed conflicts caused a severe famine in the Horn of Africa in 2011. Over 13 million people in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti were in need of help. The United Nations called it “the worst drought in 60 years”. The focus of UNICEF’s support included, among other things, the rapid treatment of severely malnourished children with therapeutic food supplements and medicines as well as supplying the families with clean drinking water and sanitation products.



We have donated € 3,000 to aid malnourished children in Somalia.

Southern Somalia is the area hit hardest by the crisis in the Horn of Africa: in some areas, every third child is in immediate danger of death. The extreme drought, rising food prices and a civil war that has been raging for decades have escalated the situation. UNICEF is one of the few international organisations which works continuously in southern Somalia. The help is organised primarily through a network of 100 Somali and some international partner organisations.



For the victims of the earthquake in Nepal we have donated € 2,500.

The earthquake occurred on 25 April 2015. It is considered the worst in the region in the past 80 years. The authorities estimated more than 10,000 dead. Worst hit was the Kathmandu Valley and nearby valleys, where many people were buried under the rubble of collapsing houses or avalanches. Many people were left homeless, lacking accommodation, food, drinking water and medical aid. Non-governmental organisations from Germany provided emergency aid in the disaster area.


Heartkids e.V.
Heartkids e.V.

We have donated € 2,000 to the “Heartkids” project.

Heartkids e.V. is a non-profit organisation whose support is focused primarily on children and young people in South India. The organisation’s mission is to help people in need who are at a socioeconomic disadvantage due to disabilities, illness, death of family members, homelessness or financial emergencies, for example. The organisation’s founder Judith Retz says, “The love for human beings is the basis of our work – love beyond skin colour, caste or any religion. Out of this love comes a natural compassion for the poorest of the poor, who live in the streets of India under conditions nobody in Europe could possibly imagine.”


Baobab Family
Baobab Family

We have supported the “Baobab Family Project” with € 2,000.

The orphan children’s home in Mikindani (southeast of Kenya) was the first project of the “Baobab Family”. It became the new family for 31 boys who are mostly orphans and street children. These children are now living in the “Baobab Children’s Home” along with Kenyan social workers and are attending school so that they can look forward to an independent future.


Outjenaho – Strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.
Outjenaho – Strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.

We have donated € 1,500 to the non-profit organisation “Outjenaho – Strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.”.

Outjenaho has initialised a school collaboration between the primary school in Ottenhofen and the Morukutu-Primary-School in Namibia. The aim of the project is to support the African school true to the motto – ‘education as the driving force for a better future’. With the help of donations it was possible to purchase school supplies, shoes and clothing. Sanitary facilities were repaired. A fence providing protection against wild animals was built. Fruit deliveries on a regular basis improve the otherwise imbalanced diet (maize porridge). Further projects include the building of a well and also a designated dining area with a roof for the school children. The penpalship and exchange of the pupils from both schools is another important aspect of the project. Insights into each other’s culture are not only informative but also exciting.



We have donated € 1,200 to UNICEF for AIDS orphans in Mozambique.

In Mozambique, there is hardly a family spared of AIDS: Nearly one in six Mozambicans between the ages of 15 and 49 years is HIV-positive, representing a total of 1.5 million people. More than 500,000 children have already lost their mother or both parents to AIDS, and 35,000 babies are born HIV-positive every year. UNICEF provides support to the communities so that the many orphaned children can be cared for. UNICEF also helps to improve medical care for HIV-positive children, to prevent the transmission of the virus to newborns, and to educate youth.


Schülerhilfe Kenia Direkt e.V.
Schülerhilfe Kenia Direkt e.V.

We have transferred € 1,000 to the “Schülerhilfe Kenia Direkt e.V.”

The Zigira Primary School is in the middle of the Kenian bush, close to Ukunda in the area of Mombasa. The school was built and supported by dedicated people in the Pfalz area and all over Germany. Building a few huts in the bush laid the foundation for acceptable learning conditions. The non-profit foundation “Schülerhilfe Kenia Direkt e.V.” focuses on enabling people to help themselves. Families living subsistently from farming are predominantly supported, giving them the opportunity to make a living in the future by giving them access to education and the job market.



We have donated € 1,000 to victims of the typhoon “Haiyan” in the Philippines.

For the children and their families in the Philippines, it must be a nightmare: one of the strongest typhoons of all time has destroyed their homes and left the people in a desperate situation. The images bring back memories of the tsunami in 2004. Six million children are affected by food shortage, homelessness and water scarcity.


Antenne Bayern hilft

We have supported the foundation “Antenne Bayern hilft” with € 1,000.

“Antenne Bayern hilft” is a public foundation that – throughout the whole year – supports people who are relying on the help of others, due to a physical, mental or emotional circumstance. The main focus of support lies with individual assistance. They work closely together with social organisations who care for the people on-site.



We have donated € 1,000 to the “Sternstunden” (« Magic Moments ») campaign.

Sternstunden is devoted to helping children and young people in need. The Sternstunden funds mainly support charity projects for children in Bavaria and Germany. Children’s relief efforts abroad are also supported. Since its foundation, Sternstunden has been able to give to more than 2,075 charity projects for children, with a total funding amount of over € 138 million. With this, Sternstunden is the most successful charity campaign in Bavaria.


We have also supported other charitable organisations and relief projects with a total of € 34,000.

For example the local refugee support network, the Ronald-McDonald-House in Munich, the child welfare facility Atemreich or the Adventskalender für Gute Werke der Süddeutschen Zeitung.