We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Due to a large number of orders and a high workshop load, for coloured beds there is only a limited number of production slots left until Christmas.


Swing, romp around and relax

For swinging activities we have: Climbing Rope, Rocking Plate, Swing Chair Cad Kid Picapau, Hanging Cave, Hammock Kid Picapau, Boxing Set, Snap Hook

The products on this page are suitable to place on the swing beam of the bed. The swing beam can also be mounted on the edge or in the longitudinal direction.

Climbing Rope

Made of natural hemp or cotton. Swinging back and forth with the rope (with or without Rocking Plate) is fun and improves motor skills.

The rope made of natural hemp looks coarser and smells like natural hemp; the cotton rope is smoother and brighter.

Diameter: approx. 30 mm
Climbing Rope (image 1)

If you order the tall outer feet for your bed, we recommend that you choose the 3 m long rope.

Product No.MaterialLengthPrice
Z-KLS-N1natural hemp2.5 m€ 39.00
Z-KLS-N2natural hemp3 m€ 49.00
Climbing Rope

Rocking Plate

to attach to the Climbing Rope

Diameter: approx. 30 mm
Rocking Plate (image 2)Rocking Plate (image 3)
Rocking Plate

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Product No.Pine Beech Oil-Waxed Oiled with Honey Colour Colour Varnish / Glaze
Z-STL€ 24.00€ 31.00+ € 4.00+ € 5.00+ € 11.00

When placing an order, please prefix the product numbers with “K-” (pine) or “B-” (beech).

Swing Chair Cad Kid Picapau

The swing chair Cad Kid Picapau from TUCANO can be mounted on the swing beam of our beds or can hang from a hook installed on the ceiling.

Including fastening rope.

100 % cotton, can be washed at 30° C, maximum load 60 kg.

To the suspended seat, we recommend the climbing carabiner clip as a connection between the fastening rope and the loop of fabric to prevent chafing on.

Product No.Price
Z-HSI€ 55.00
Swing Chair Cad Kid Picapau

Hanging Cave

Inside the Hanging Cave it’s cosy and warm.

Incl. removable pillow Ø 70 cm.

100% cotton, cushion pad made of polyester.

The hillside cave, we recommend the climbing carabiner clip as a connection between the fastening rope and the loop of fabric to prevent chafing on.

Product No.Price
Z-HAE€ 95.00

Our Hanging Cave is available in different colours. When placing an order, please add -bl (blue), -gr (green) or -be (berry) after the product number.

Hanging Cave
Hanging Cave

Hammock Kid Picapau

The hammock Kid Picapau from TUCANO suits our Loft Bed very well. Fastening ropes and two small snap hooks are included upon delivery. With these, it can be installed underneath the sleeping level (from assembly height 5 ) or at other spots in the kids’ room. The sheet is made of 100 % pure cotton and coloured with ecologic colours.

Can be washed at 30° C, maximum load 70 kg.

Product No.Price
Z-HMA€ 43.00
Hammock Kid Picapau

Boxing Set

The Adidas punchbag offers a good way to expend extra energy. It is also an adequate support for hyperactive kids. It consists of easy-care, washable nylon, which is very sturdy at the same time. Due to the attachment via straps, the punching bag can swing back and forth with little noise.

Including well padded kids’ boxing gloves made of artificial leather.

For children 4 – 12 years old.

Boxing Set (image 4)
Size of punchbag: 43 × 19 cm
Size of boxing gloves: 6 oz
Product No.Price
Z-BOX€ 60.00
Boxing Set

Climbing Snap Hook

Climbing Snap Hook

For easily rearranging and changing various hanging parts (e.g. Climbing Rope, Swing Chair, etc.). No more knots to untie!

Load capacity: 12 kN

Product No.Price
Z-KKH€ 15.00

Note: Other, possibly cheaper snap hooks have not the required aperture.