We produce kids’ furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids’ beds and cots (baby cribs).
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Cosy Accessories

These accessories make every children’s room comfy

Make your kid’s room cosier: cushions, HABA rugs

Cushion Pillows

Our cushion pillows for the sitting corner add comfort.

Suitable for the lower level of the Bunk Bed, the Bunk Bed Laterally Staggered, and the Corner Bunk Bed, as well as for the play den under the Loft Bed Adjustable by Age and the cosy corner of the Comfy Corner Bed.

The cotton drill cover is removable (with zipper) and washable (30° C, not suitable for tumble-drying).

Available in 7 colours.

Cushion Pillows (image 1)
Cushion Pillows
Cosy Accessories
Height: 27 cm, thickness: 10 cm, length: depends on the mattress size

For your colour of choice, please add -EC (ecru, see first colour chart), -RO (red), -BL (blue), -BR (brown), -GN (green), -GU (grey) or -SW (black). to the product number, when placing your order.

The specified products are sets, i.e. 2 pillows for the wall facing side and 1 pillow for each short side of the bed are included. For the low youth beds and bottom bunks, we recommend additional protection boards for the short side (see catalogue) to keep the pillows securely inside.

For the Comfy Corner Bed you only need half of the Cushion Pillow set, the price will be reduced accordingly.

The price table will not be displayed at full width on smaller screens. Please scroll to the right to view the table.

Product No.Mattress Size QuantityPrice
Z-POL-090-20090x200 cm 90/200 cm4 parts€ 200.00
Z-POL-090-22090x220 cm 90/220 cm4 parts€ 210.00
Z-POL-100-200100x200 cm 100/200 cm4 parts€ 210.00
Z-POL-100-220100x220 cm 100/220 cm4 parts€ 220.00
Z-POL-090-19090x190 cm 90/190 cm
(UK: Single )
4 parts€ 200.00
Z-POL-100-190100x190 cm 100/190 cm
(US: Twin )
4 parts€ 210.00
Z-POL-120-200120x200 cm 120/200 cm4 parts€ 230.00
Z-POL-120-220120x220 cm 120/220 cm4 parts€ 240.00
Z-POL-120-190120x190 cm 120/190 cm4 parts€ 230.00
Z-POL-140-200140x200 cm 140/200 cm4 parts€ 250.00
Z-POL-140-220140x220 cm 140/220 cm4 parts€ 260.00
Z-POL-140-190140x190 cm 140/190 cm
(UK/US: Double/Full )
4 parts€ 250.00
Z-POL-080-20080x200 cm 80/200 cm4 parts€ 200.00
Z-POL-080-22080x220 cm 80/220 cm4 parts€ 210.00
Z-POL-080-19080x190 cm 80/190 cm4 parts€ 200.00

Other sizes are available upon request. You can also order single cushions.

HABA rugs

Enjoy the stunning HABA rugs that double as fun play mats sparking your kids’ imagination.

HABA rugs

The price table will not be displayed at full width on smaller screens. Please scroll to the right to view the table.

Product No.MotifDimen­sionsMaterialPrice
Z-HBT-FDriver’s Delight133 × 133 cm100 % polyester€ 85.00
Z-HBT-BFloral Wreath140 × 140 cmNew Zealand wool€ 140.00