Want to buy a used kids bed or used kids furniture? Here you'll find it.

Second Hand: gebrauchte Kinderbetten und gebrauchtes Zubehör
We produce kids furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids beds and cots (baby cribs).

Second Hand: Used Kids Beds and Accessories

No longer need your kids bed?
On this page you can put your used kids furniture and accessories from Billi-Bolli up for sale.
This is free of charge for those who purchased new from us.
(There is a € 50 fee* to sell Billi-Bolli kids furniture already purchased second hand.)
You may also offer your used original Gullibo bed (no replica) up for sale.
When you purchase one of our kids beds, you also have the opportunity to place a free offer for your cot or baby crib that is no longer needed – also from other manufacturers – on this high-traffic webpage.
Simply send us
  • a description of the bed (model, age, condition)
  • what the accessories are
  • your price (please also state the former purchase price)
  • digital photo: as JPG file (not embedded in a PDF, Word file, or similar)
  • (also serves as proof that it is an original Billi-Bolli bed)
  • your location and contact information (telephone / e-mail)
Interested parties may then contact you directly. You can change details (e.g. the price) afterwards, but getting the offer back to top of the list is not possible. We reserve the right to remove or modify incorrect data, and to refuse offers.
Gullibo kids beds
Submitting a post for Gullibo beds costs € 65.00* (one bed) or € 110.00* (two beds). A kids bed with two sleeping levels (Bunk Bed or Corner Bunk Bed) is treated as one bed. Post remains for up to two months. When you e-mail us, please confirm that you accept the fees so that no further correspon­dence is necessary.
* Fees only apply to Gullibo beds and beds that were bought second hand and entirely go towards our charitable projects.
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  • The offers on our Secondhand Page have been translated using an automated program and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.
  • We take no responsibility for the information relating to the kids furniture posted for sale by customers, as it cannot be verified by us. Billi-Bolli Kids Furniture is not involved in resulting sales. Assessing whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be done by the interested party. Such assessment cannot be made from the fact that the item is placed on our Secondhand Page.
  • Please note that for Gullibo kids beds we can deliver expansion parts only to a limited extent. So if you are planning major expansions of the bed, we recommend a Billi-Bolli bed.
Want to stay up-to-date on new offers?
Receive an email as soon as a new secondhand offer has been posted:

At this point you find some with traces of use backscatter, different used items and exhibits. Shipping costs vary and can be obtained from us.
Regal new material: oiled beech, height: 184 cm, width: 90 cm, depth: 40 cm more info: together and shelves for 650 EUR (instead of EUR 1,000) (3 available) flower Board, spruce 112 cm for the short side re-oiled, mattress width 100 cm 55 EUR (instead of EUR 108) foam mattress new blue 80 x 190 cm fits into the area below the bedroom level of sparse high bed (with mattress width 90 cm) and is thus suitable for Gelegenheitsübernachter.
NEW for 60 EUR (instead of EUR 126) (4 available) foam mattress new blue, 87 x 190 cm suitable for beds for mattress size 90 x 190 cm. fit sleep level also in the area below the bedroom level of sparse high bed (with mattress width 100 cm) and is thus suitable for Gelegenheitsübernachter.
NEW for 60 EUR (instead of EUR 126) (4 available) new the pulley HABA pulley has four wheels - two loose and two fixed - and a fourfold power saving. He can be attached E.g. to the ceiling and also with our beds can be combined (as elevator to the upper floor). Maximum load: 80 kg, cord 6 m, upper/lower part of each 36 cm high.
NEW and original box for 40 EUR (instead of 49.95 EUR) (9 available) HABA block and tackle used with wear 15 EUR locomotive named "ANTON" milled (can be extended to "ANTONIA"), oiled beech, 40 EUR (instead of EUR 160) Blue painted wagon, beech, 102 cm for the short side mattress width 90 cm 40 EUR Castle Board 112 cm for short side mattress width 100 cm, pine white varnished 20 EUR Castle Board 102 cm for short page on bed with mattress width 90 cm, Spruce caramel 15 EUR mouse Board 112 cm for short page at youth bed low, type 1 with mattress width 100 cm (side bar W5 furthermore not be installed then), pine oil, 20 EUR

+49 8121 - 2 50 85-0
Slides and large bed shelf of pine oil
Offer 1457 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 31 July 2014

Because we move, we have to separate us from our slides.

She is 4 years old pine oil and has some wear (minor quirks, because the swing plate, however, happened see picture) on the left hand rail.
The new price was 220,-euro, we sell the slide for 100 euros.
The slide can be picked up in Munich at the Herkomerplatz.

Billi Bolli's advice: to retrofit to the slide to an existing Loft bed or bunk bed, additional bar for the opening of the slides required if necessary.

Large bed shelves, pine oil plus two 30 cm deep shelves, also pine oiled because we move and now is the resetting of the bed, we separate from our only 1 year old large shelf (for the short side of the bed with mattress width 1 m), since we have stored on the two bottom boards games, repeatedly tipped to have we just screwed two each 30 cm deep original Billi Bolli shelves.
The new price of the large shelf a year ago was at 124, - EUR and the two boards costing 60, - EUR oiled both jaws. We would sell all together for EUR 120.

Telefon: 0172-7406735
Bunk bed 120 x 200 cm
Offer 1456 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 31 July 2014

After a move, we have to sell this lovely high bed in the Castle look unfortunately, because it simply does not fit in the new room.

Here the most important data: 2008 newly purchased (invoice exists) mattress size: 120x200cm length: 211 cm, width: 132 cm, height: 228, 5 cm material: rope made of natural hemp helical head beech, beech untreated, oiled with slatted oiled 120 cm height handles on three sides of the castle of Knights boards, beech oiled the bed was treated very well, it has virtually no flaws and it is also completely without labels or similar.
The Knight's Castle cover can be removed and it has a great youth bed then.
The bedroom height is adjustable to different levels.
Over the head to get comfortably in the bed (also, parents/grandparents) and can from there also super rope hang.

Pick up of the bed is in the Nuremberg region (Herzogenaurach, Germany) the bed is currently being built. We recommend reducing this to (then the rebuilding goes much faster!) and assist with this.

On request, we sell the right mattress by dormiente natural mattress factory in addition.

The bed had - shipping and we provide it EUR incl. 1450, - a new price of 1900, EUR.

01520 393 58 87
Canopy bed for little princesses...
Offer 1455 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 28 July 2014

our daughter is from the Princess age out......
That's why we sell their Billi Bolli four-poster bed, which is located in a very good condition.

Here the details: - bed spruce oiled + waxed - suitable for mattress size 90 x 200 cm - including white - see photo slats and before Hans Tang set for three sides - including 3 curtains, - oiled incl. two bunks with rollers, spruce the mattress and the bed box contents are not sold.

New price without curtains was 800,-euros our price no shipping, selling only to pick is 450,-euro VB, the bed can be picked up at 83043 Bad Aibling.

08061 / 936 836 oder
Bed over corner
Offer 1454 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 28 July 2014, sold on 31 July 2014

Since our children now received each a private room, we give our great bed-over corner of Billi Bolli with a heavy heart.
Here the most important data:-bought Nov. 2008 at Billi-Bolli (invoice available) - material: book oiled (wax) - mattress size: 90 cm x 200 cm - dimensions: L: 211 cm, B: 211 cm, H: 228.5 cm - jib out put - bunk boards, small shelf above - two bunks, one of them with bed drawer subdivision (evaluates four equally sized partitions); Roles for wood floor (currently only a bed box in use, therefore is to see the photo of this) - wire mesh for the upper bed for hooking, therefore is falling out impossible - fall protection for the lower bed (about half side) - Accessories: rocking plate, steering wheel, rope (not mounted currently) - new price without mattresses: 2,365 EUR bed is in very good condition, without sticker etc. - the quality of the bed is truly unbreakable! However a latte is broken in the slatted frame of the lower bed (relatively close at the foot end, therefore for us not big annoying - the latte is intended to Exchange...). The bed is sold without mattresses.
So that our housing can go on "turn", it would be great if the bed is as soon as possible, at the latest however to di, the 5th August 2014 quarried and transported. We are but of course assist in reducing! 81547 München is location.
We would like to add 1,200 EUR for the bed.

"Our bed corner is sold and was just dismantled and taken away. It all worked great - thank you very much for this opportunity!
Many greetings from Munich, family Osterkamp
Billi Bolli high bed 90 x 200 pine oil waxed with accessories in Münch
Offer 1453 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 28 July 2014

We offer - a bunk bed 90 x 200 pine - rope with seat pad - for above a small shelf - for bottom two large shelves - slatted frame but exclusive Jugendmatraze (if necessary, but extra charge) price was just over 1300 euros. Now to have 650.-. TLW. with traces of use. To get to the Munich West. We help the splitting and tagging for reconstruction of course. Bed is from 2006.

089 396824
Head protection
Offer 1452 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 24 July 2014, sold on 24 July 2014

Since our small daughter the Director now also relatively safe up and down climbs... we have a ladder Guard (Art.Nr. 721, beech) for sale. The head protection (purchased in 2013) is in very good condition, the original price was 35 EUR (plus shipping), our price is EUR 28 (incl. insured shipping in Germany with DHL) or EUR 20 for pickup (location: 68723 Schwetzingen).

"Dear Billi Bolli team, setting fast thank you very much for that - the head protection is already sold!
Since you were so faster than the fire. ;-)
Best regards, family Stadler
Large shelf beech
Offer 1451 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 July 2014

We sell our nearly new "Large" shelf, beech oiled for mattress width 90 cm 91 x 108 x 18 cm.

We have newly purchased the shelf in January 2014.
Now, but we have rebuilt our sparse high bed to a bunk bed and can no longer use this beautiful shelf.

The shelf was assembled by us and just pinched.
That means it has no holes or holes. (as new!)

Price: price was 120,-euros (incl. shipping in Germany): 171,-euros for pickup in 85570 Markt Schwaben, we would enact 10,-euro.

Tel.: 01522/3095326
Growing with high bed in beech
Offer 1450 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 July 2014, sold on 24 July 2014

We sell our beloved sparse high bed, which for many years has served as the wonderful refuge but also as a wonderful climbing our son.
The bed is in very good condition.

Here the details of the bed: Loft bed oiled beech (100 x 200), ext 211 x 112 x 228,5 game crane (beech) climbing wall (beech) 3 bunk boards curtain rods for 3 pages flag holder + flag we had bought the bed in August 2006 and at that time paid 1797 EUR.
We would like to 850 EUR for pickup in Gilching.
Bunk bed beech
Offer 1449 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 July 2014, sold on 23 July 2014

Top preserved, almost as good as new Billi Bolli high bed in beech with only minimal traces of use bunk beds 90 * 200 beech bunk boards small shelf rope swing part including slatted frame 2 * conversion set 220 to 210 bunk bed along with other accessories, but exclusive Jugendmatraze (possible surcharge if applicable but) year 2008 Umzugsbedingt we need to leave this beautiful bed unfortunately.

amounting to EUR 1.750,00 EUR 451 price discount = EUR 1.299,00 pickup/Auto extraction in Baldham / Munich East.
Billi Bolli bunk bed side offset
Offer 1448 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 July 2014

We sell our bunk bed Billi-Bolli (laterally offset, art. Nr. 241B-A-01) with additional pull-out drawer (pull out bed bed) under the bottom bed and the mattress suitable for the pull-out drawer. The bed is oiled solid beech and super shot. 100x200cm (pull out bed bed 80x180cm) are the Matratzenmaße, the external dimensions are: L 307 cm, W 112 cm, H 228, 5 cm.

Kids get now your own rooms and therefore also their own separate beds. The bed includes a swing in addition to seat washer (not on the images to see there currently removed) as well as a small shelf for the upper bed. The rungs of the ladder are flattened bed dating back to 2007 and was purchased directly from Billi Bolli. It is located in a great condition, there are no scratches or discoloration, and everything is still very stable. The Assembly instructions (or the overview image) is still present, as the original invoice.

The new price was EUR 2,100, 1,500 EUR (VB) which we would like.

Pick up of the bed is in Frankfurt. The bed is currently built. We recommend to be in reducing it (until about 8 August), that facilitated the later construction - even if the acquisition takes somewhat longer.

0152 289 602 07
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