Want to buy a used kids bed or used kids furniture? Here you'll find it.

Second Hand: gebrauchte Kinderbetten und gebrauchtes Zubehör
We produce kids furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids beds and cots (baby cribs).

Second Hand: Used Kids Beds and Accessories

No longer need your kids bed?
On this page you can put your used kids furniture and accessories from Billi-Bolli up for sale.
This is free of charge for those who purchased new from us.
(There is a € 50 fee* to sell Billi-Bolli kids furniture already purchased second hand.)
You may also offer your used original Gullibo bed (no replica) up for sale.
When you purchase one of our kids beds, you also have the opportunity to place a free offer for your cot or baby crib that is no longer needed – also from other manufacturers – on this high-traffic webpage.
Simply send us
  • a description of the bed (model, age, condition)
  • what the accessories are
  • your price (please also state the former purchase price)
  • digital photo: as JPG file (not embedded in a PDF, Word file, or similar)
  • (also serves as proof that it is an original Billi-Bolli bed)
  • your location and contact information (telephone / e-mail)
Interested parties may then contact you directly. You can change details (e.g. the price) afterwards, but getting the offer back to top of the list is not possible. We reserve the right to remove or modify incorrect data, and to refuse offers.
Gullibo kids beds
Submitting a post for Gullibo beds costs € 65.00* (one bed) or € 110.00* (two beds). A kids bed with two sleeping levels (Bunk Bed or Corner Bunk Bed) is treated as one bed. Post remains for up to two months. When you e-mail us, please confirm that you accept the fees so that no further correspon­dence is necessary.
* Fees only apply to Gullibo beds and beds that were bought second hand and entirely go towards our charitable projects.
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  • The offers on our Secondhand Page have been translated using an automated program and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.
  • We take no responsibility for the information relating to the kids furniture posted for sale by customers, as it cannot be verified by us. Billi-Bolli Kids Furniture is not involved in resulting sales. Assessing whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be done by the interested party. Such assessment cannot be made from the fact that the item is placed on our Secondhand Page.
  • Please note that for Gullibo kids beds we can deliver expansion parts only to a limited extent. So if you are planning major expansions of the bed, we recommend a Billi-Bolli bed.
Want to stay up-to-date on new offers?
Receive an email as soon as a new secondhand offer has been posted:

At this point you find some with traces of use backscatter, different used items and exhibits. Shipping costs vary and can be obtained from us.
Regal new material: oiled beech, height: 184 cm, width: 90 cm, depth: 40 cm more info: together and shelves for 650 EUR (instead of EUR 1,000) (3 available) flower Board, spruce 112 cm for the short side re-oiled, mattress width 100 cm 55 EUR (instead of EUR 108) foam mattress new blue 80 x 190 cm fits into the area below the bedroom level of sparse high bed (with mattress width 90 cm) and is thus suitable for Gelegenheitsübernachter.
NEW for 60 EUR (instead of EUR 126) (4 available) foam mattress new blue, 87 x 190 cm suitable for beds for mattress size 90 x 190 cm. fit sleep level also in the area below the bedroom level of sparse high bed (with mattress width 100 cm) and is thus suitable for Gelegenheitsübernachter.
NEW for 60 EUR (instead of EUR 126) (3 available) new the pulley HABA pulley has four wheels - two loose and two fixed - and a fourfold power saving. He can be attached E.g. to the ceiling and also with our beds can be combined (as elevator to the upper floor). Maximum load: 80 kg, cord 6 m, upper/lower part of each 36 cm high.
NEW and original box for 40 EUR (instead of 49.95 EUR) (9 available) wagon, beech blue painted, 102 cm for the short side at mattress width 90 cm 40 EUR (instead of 163 EUR) Castle Board 112 cm for short side mattress width 100 cm, pine white mouse Board stained 112 cm for short side at low youth bed 70 EUR (instead of ?143), type 1 with mattress width 100 cm (side bar W5 about then not be installed), Pine oil, EUR 20 mistakes (E.g. error concerning dimensions or State), transport damage or non-discoverability on here offered parts lead to refund of any prepaid purchase amount, but not new production or new procurement of parts at a discounted price.

+49 8121 - 2 50 85-0
Bunk bed oiled beech - size 120 x 200 cm
Offer 1480 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 20 August 2014

Because my son would have a new room now that he soon goes to the high school, we separate with a heavy heart by his beloved Billi Bolli pirates bunk bed. We bought the bed end of 2007.

Equipment:-bunk bed 120 x 200 cm, beech oiled - protection boards for upper floor - slatted - August 2014 - steering wheel - fire stick in ash - bed parts beech re-oiled - bunk Board front and front - small shelf - Nele plus youth mattress special size 117 x 200 cm - head the Assembly instruction is supplied with, as the Bill.

The bed is located in a clean condition, minor signs of use, a few small scratches or small scratches are of course available.
The fire rod is slightly darker by the frequent slides down, are also slightly darker from the frequent up - and down-climbing the rungs of the ladder. I've seen no stickers and paintings.
The broken flag stand is the only small "quirk", which has the bed - we never replaced them, because it has bothered my son while playing. I took a photo of this place but extra - you can install a new pirate flag but wonderfully at this point, then you can see nothing at all.
The mattress is sold. The mattress cover is freshly washed.

The bed is sold only to pickup. The bed is Sendling-Westpark in Munich, and must also be reduced. I ask those interested to take this into account when planning the pick up.

The new price of the bed was at 2300,-EUR we have a price of 1600,-EUR presented.

Iris Blaschke
Billi Bolli high bed - growing with
Offer 1479 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 19 August 2014

We sell our Billi Bolli high bed (without a mattress), which can be built in 6 variants. The bed was bought by us July 2009 and is built now available for sale!
Includes: - Loft bed, pine, oil wax treatment - mattress size: 90 x 200 cm - dimensions: L: 211 cm x W: 102 cm x H: 228.5 cm - slatted - protection boards for upper floor - grab bars (by the stairs) - jib (offset outwards, ideal for swing and very popular with the children!) - head position: A - caps: wood colors - spacer for skirting board (25 mm) budget bed comes from a non-smoking household, animal-free.
Condition very well maintained, 4 years document used parts list, assembly instructions and copy of the invoice with pass (copy, because we want to then bought 2 beds and keep the Bill).

The bed has been released and can be picked up locally.

The new price was EUR 876,-(+ plus shipping costs).
Our price: 550,-EUR:...2 bunk boards... per 50,-EUR (original price 58,-EUR) just offer used for pickup, location: Potsdam.

This is a private sale, without warranty, guarantee, or withdrawal.

Nikoleta Kyprianidis
(Students)Bunk bed (140 x 200)-pine, oiled
Offer 1478 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 18 August 2014

We sell our Billi-Bolli-(Studenten)-Hochbett purchased in July 2009. The bed is in very good condition (non-smoking households, no labels or similar).
Here the details: - bunk bed (140 x 200), oil wax treated (incl. slatted, protection boards, grab rails, head position A) - oiled feet and head of the student high bed, pine - oil 1 small shelf, pine - oil 1 large shelf, pine - 3 bunk boards (2 front, 1 on the side), pine oil at the beginning we had still on the swing seat - also for the device exists.
The new price was 1507,-euros (without mattress) - we would sell the bed (including a matching, very well preserved mattress) for 990 euros.
At the time, this bed is built yet (site 66740 Saarlouis - approx. 30 km north of Saarbrücken).

We assist with reducing (to facilitate the reconstruction)!

Familie Kohls
Tel.: 06831-5035431
Bunk bed growing with
Offer 1477 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 18 August 2014

Model: Loft bed growing with (part No. 224) age: February 2007 State: very well, as well as no signs of use mass: 211(L) x 132(B) x 228,5(H) - 120 * 200 cm (mattress size) material: pine, honey oiled head position A CAP: wood colours equipment: slatted frame and protective boards Accessories: 1) fire rod, ash (in the photo is not mounted, extended bar for up and down there) 2) extended Middle beams (not mounted in the photo) to attach a Kletterseils (rope no longer exists) 3) small shelf (part No. 375) 4) four curtain rods (for 2 transverse and a longitudinal side), red curtains, of which one with loops. The other (not mounted in the photo) should be equipped with curtain rings (not available).
2007 price: something more than 1,200 EUR incl. postage offer for pickup, location: Berlin Southeast VB purchase price: 900 EUR suitable mattress (springs, 120 * 200 cm) can be delivered also. VB: 80 EUR

julialeptin@gmail.com oder nickleptin@aol.com
Bunk bed over corner
Offer 1476 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 August 2014

Unfortunately the bed to be sold is no longer built and we have made no pictures before we have dismantled it.

We took it over in 2012 from friends.
The appendix contains a photo please as it was built for the previous owner.
It was this arrangement where the lower bed as "Bed bed" was carried out in principle, i.e. it was still a rollable mattress including.
Which was also rose to the Director at the head and foot end.
We had built it as three ETag-bed however. My husband is a Carpenter master and has the end speaking expertise to the conversion without making any modifications.
The bed is located in the original state, it has been structurally changed nothing. It is been oiled by the previous owner. It has slight traces of usage, no labels or similar damage.

The Assembly instructions ebenaflls still exists.

Original price 2008 1125 EUR our asking price: 800.-VB like we can assist in the construction.

Hamburg is the location of the bed.

Melanie Leuten
Growing with bunk bed in pine treated with wax
Offer 1475 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 August 2014

We sell our high bed growing with, our daughter now that would like to have a certain "new" youth bed.
We bought it in 2003 for her and it took them almost 11 (!) Wonderfully accompanied for many years! Thanks to the high quality of Billi-Bolli, the bed has hardly any wear.

The offer includes the following: - a high bed in pine, oiled with all parts and protection boards - mattress size 90 / 200, a foam mattress by Billi-Bolli a jib is also (in blue) - a slatted frame 90/200 ? ? a climbing rope - a rocking platter - a steering wheel (is pictured not with it) site: Markt Schwaben price approx. EUR 850 VB: EUR 600.-

Heike Schoch
08121- 2508340
Game crane pine honey
Offer 1474 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 August 2014

We sell the game crane of Billi Bolli bed for our daughter. She has outgrown the crane age now.

The crane is pine honey oiled and in really pristine condition. The mounting plates are of course.

Purchase price in 2008, when we bought the crane, was EUR 123.
The asking price is ?75.

A pick up in Cologne would prefer to us of course. If desired, we can but also disassemble him and organize a shipment.

Iris Preiss
Growing with high bed spruce, built in 2008
Offer 1473 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 August 2014

We must bed divide us with a heavy heart of our Billi Bolli, because our daughter gets a new room and want a new facility.

The bed was bought in 2008 by us and has normal wear: details: - high bed growing with 200 x 100 cm - slatted frame - small bed shelf - curtain Rails - steering wheel - flat rungs - bunk boards, we are a non-smoking household. That bed has cost newly 1007 EUR, we would still like to 700 EUR for this. The bed can be picked up at 73760 Ostfildern (near Stuttgart).

It is a private sale without warranty, no withdrawal and without warranty.
Growing with high bed in beech-wood, built in 2005
Offer 1472 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 13 August 2014

Since our son would also have a new facility along with his new room, we need to split up unfortunately by our great bunk beds growing with.

The bed was bought in 2005 by us and has the dimensions 200 x 100 cm (slightly larger than normal, but perfect to fuck themselves with as a MOM or dad). The bed has normal wear.

Details:-high bed growing with 200 x 100 cm beech - slatted frame - small bed shelf - curtain Rails - steering wheel - bias head medium - angle head large - bunk boards - rope - swing plate - crane (the rope should be replaced) we are a non-smoking household. The bed has cost new 1834,94 EUR incl. postage, we would still like to 1150 EUR for this. The bed can be picked up at 73760 Ostfildern (nearby Stuttgart).

It is a private sale without warranty, no returns and warranty

"We have already sold the bed.
Thank you for your support (provision of the offer on your website).
Sincerely Nicole Tschinkel
Billi Bolli high bed pine oil
Offer 1471 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 12 August 2014

-with 2 slatted - 2 mattresses (1 x Prolana youth mattress "Alex" 87 x 200 cm, 1 x nel plus youth mattress 90 x 200 cm) - Billi Bolli 3 sides - 2 self-sewn curtains - curtain rods 1 bunk Board of 150 cm - jib E.g. to install a hanging Chair - Assembly instructions and original invoice available new price for the bunk bed plus conversion set for the lower bed: 1658,--EUR bed has wear.
Price: 750,-EUR bed should be picked itself. A common reduction it is recommended, because this significantly facilitates the rebuild.

Sibylle Klotz
85560 Ebersberg
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