Want to buy a used kids bed or used kids furniture? Here you'll find it.

Second Hand: gebrauchte Kinderbetten und gebrauchtes Zubehör
We produce kids furniture and adventure beds such as loft beds, bunk beds, kids beds and cots (baby cribs).

Second Hand: Used Kids Beds and Accessories

No longer need your kids bed?
On this page you can put your used kids furniture and accessories from Billi-Bolli up for sale.
This is free of charge for those who purchased new from us.
(There is a € 50 fee* to sell Billi-Bolli kids furniture already purchased second hand.)
You may also offer your used original Gullibo bed (no replica) up for sale.
When you purchase one of our kids beds, you also have the opportunity to place a free offer for your cot or baby crib that is no longer needed – also from other manufacturers – on this high-traffic webpage.
Simply send us
  • a description of the bed (model, age, condition)
  • what the accessories are
  • your price (please also state the former purchase price)
  • digital photo: as JPG file (not embedded in a PDF, Word file, or similar)
  • (also serves as proof that it is an original Billi-Bolli bed)
  • your location and contact information (telephone / e-mail)
Interested parties may then contact you directly. You can change details (e.g. the price) afterwards, but getting the offer back to top of the list is not possible. We reserve the right to remove or modify incorrect data, and to refuse offers.
Gullibo kids beds
Submitting a post for Gullibo beds costs € 65.00* (one bed) or € 110.00* (two beds). A kids bed with two sleeping levels (Bunk Bed or Corner Bunk Bed) is treated as one bed. Post remains for up to two months. When you e-mail us, please confirm that you accept the fees so that no further correspon­dence is necessary.
* Fees only apply to Gullibo beds and beds that were bought second hand and entirely go towards our charitable projects.
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  • The offers on our Secondhand Page have been translated using an automated program and therefore may contain translation errors. We take no responsibilities for these errors or misunderstandings arising from them. Please visit the second hand page on our German website to view the offers in their original language.
  • We take no responsibility for the information relating to the kids furniture posted for sale by customers, as it cannot be verified by us. Billi-Bolli Kids Furniture is not involved in resulting sales. Assessing whether an offer is reasonably priced or not must therefore be done by the interested party. Such assessment cannot be made from the fact that the item is placed on our Secondhand Page.
  • Please note that for Gullibo kids beds we can deliver expansion parts only to a limited extent. So if you are planning major expansions of the bed, we recommend a Billi-Bolli bed.
Want to stay up-to-date on new offers?
Receive an email as soon as a new secondhand offer has been posted:

At this point you find some with traces of use backscatter, different used items and exhibits. Shipping costs vary and can be obtained from us.
HABA Workbench work bench 1652 new a strong workplace for small Werkler. Can not only hold the Workbench, but it can withstand whatever. Material: Solid beech.
Size: B 80 x H 72 x T 48 cm new for 200 EUR (instead of EUR 300) locomotive with name "ANTON" milled (can be extended to "ANTONIA"), oiled beech, 50 EUR (instead of EUR 160) Protection Board for the short side at mattress width 80 cm, spruce untreated, EUR 5 blue wagon, beech lacquer, 102 cm for the short side at mattress width 90 cm 45 EUR (2 available) Castle Board 112 cm, for short side mattress width 100 cm, pine 30 EUR Castle Board white varnished 102 cm for short page on bed with mattress width 90 cm, spruce colouring EUR 20 large shelf for mattress width 90 cm, white varnished, 40 EUR-large shelf for mattress width 120 cm, beech 50 EUR baby twins 112 x 53 cm, short side in bed with mattress width 100 oiled, beech untreated 10 EUR baby twins 102 x 53 cm, short side in bed with mattress width 90, set, beech untreated 10 EUR mouse Board, 112 cm, low for the short side at youth bed type 1 with mattress width 100 cm (side bar W5 furthermore not be installed then), pine oil, EUR 30 set of 3 x side bar W5 for mattress width 90 cm, beech oiled, 30 EUR side bar W5 for mattress width 90 cm, white lacquered, 5 EUR

+49 8121 - 2 50 85-0
Bunk bed side offset FIR honey oiled
Offer 1383 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 24 April 2014, sold on 24 April 2014

Because of reconstruction we have to sell heavy heart our Ballantyne Billi bed almost like new again - only 1.5 years old!
A bunk bed is laterally offset, jib to outer offset (dimensions: L: 307 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228, 5 cm) curtain system, the bed can be converted without extension to the bunk bed.

Accessories: 2 bunk boards, swing rope, 2 bunks "Pirate", self-built curtain system, the mattresses are not sold we have purchased new bed in September 2012, then NP amounted to 1850EUR!
It is in mint condition, with no stickers, doodle, with only minor signs of use, was always very carefully handled, the guys loved it!

Our price is VB, for pickup at Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria) 1400EUR Bill and guides are available!

It is a private sale without warranty, without take-back warranty!
Gladly we will send more pictures!

"Hi, the bed is already sold!
Thanks and love greetings, family Heine
Bunk bed with gaming platform
Offer 1382 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 24 April 2014

We sell our Billi Bolli adventure pirates bed, which has made his name for all honor.

It is a 2003 purchased bunk bed (210F-02) made of spruce, interface oiled. The bed is well preserved (Dim after of course and also a few signs of use, but neither painted nor glued).

Our model has a slatted frame and a play ground. Oiled sills, slatted frame are inserted instead of the second, forming a platform - top, or L shaped puts down (so we had now last modified it).
As for the bunk bed is a ladder with handles.

Other components are: a Steuerrrad (oiled), involved a long cross for a climbing rope, climbing a rope made of natural hemp, a swing plate for this rope, a bunk Board (150 cm wide for front), a safety, two bunks, 3 cushion with fabric and curtain rods for two pages.
Also, the foam mattress 90 x 200 can be added on request.

New price was 1.414 euro.
Our price: 700 Euro (pickup) the bed is already built, there is a complete assembly instructions. The building is straightforward.

Location: München-OST in the car possible (the longest bar is 225 cm long, longitudinal beams 210 cm, corner posts 195 cm) is a private sale without warranty, without withdrawal guarantee.

Bunk bed
Offer 1381 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 23 April 2014

Billi Amy bunk bed/bunk bed for sale! We offer our beloved bed for sale Hamburg outskirts (Ammersbek). By the angles in the new home we can not take unfortunately it. Our boys loved it very. The bed is in a really good condition with normal wear.
Ingredients: bunk bed Midi3 slide tower with a slide slide ears flat rungs for sparse high bed 2 bunks (were not-yet-installed) Rau case guard for top grab handles at the head of two shelves for the beloved toys 6 Castle page parts steering wheel crane swing bed by 2009 and had a new price of 2.550 EUR plus the game crane (128,00 EUR) purchased in 2012 and steering wheel (40.00 EUR) total 2.718,00 EUR our asking price is 1300 EUR. The bed is built yet and would have to be removed by the buyer.

We will still need mattresses and slatted frame. If you are interested, the bed can be visited like.

Tel. 0163-6836406
Conversion set of bunk beds to bunk bed-side places
Offer 1380 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 23 April 2014

We sell a conversion kit from the bunk bed to the side offset bed. The mattress size is 90 cm / 200 cm. A Director position, caps: wood colors. The wood is untreated pine. Conversion bed was about one and a half years in use and is very well preserved. All parts are complete. We are a non-smoking household without animals. Our asking price is 100,-EUR for collection in Berlin-Pankow (close to Metro and RER). I have already dismantled the bed.

Our customer number is: 107562 invoice date of purchase: 13.1.2011 of at the time price: 234,-EUR / item No.: 62040K-01

"Dear Billi Bolli team, the conversion set is already sold. Thank you very much for the good service!
Many greetings from Berlin, Joachim Weber
Pine bunk bed
Offer 1379 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 23 April 2014, sold on 23 April 2014

We now sell our Billi Bolli bed.

It is a bunk beds 90/200, pine oil wax treatment, bought 2007, expanded with the bunk bed conversion kit in 2009 (type 220 / 210). Incl. 2 slatted frames, protective boards for the top and ample accessories.

+ 2 bunk boards: front jaw oiled 1 x 90cm + 1 x front 150 cm + a mouse Board front pine 1 x 90 cm + 2 x small shelf, pine oil oiled + 1 shop Board + rope cotton + swing plate + curtain rod set for 3 pages including self-sewn curtains as shown + 2 mattresses "Nele plus" youth mattress (LaTeX) incl. 2 slatted frames, protective boards above and in addition case protection lower floor like can be given even a homemade climbing wall with.

The invoices and all the necessary documents (Assembly instructions etc.) still exists, the bed was handled with care and we are a non-smoking household.

Our former purchase price of the bed 1400EUR and mattresses 700EUR (total 2138,36EUR).
Our asking price would be 850,-EUR for the bed and 150EUR each mattress (clean) incl all at pickup close to Ingolstadt (Bavaria) private sale without warranty, no withdrawal and without warranty.

"Please the bed sold mark, as is many thanks and greetings already away ;-))) after Atlanta Daniela Lange-Gifhorn"
Bunk bed with high feet
Offer 1378 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 April 2014

We sell our beautiful Billi Bolli bed for two children: 2007 + 2012 (expansion) total price bought at that time: 1,656 EUR incl. postage our price: 980 EUR 220F-A-01 bunk bed, spruce incl. slatted frames, protective boards for upper floor, handles mattress size 90 cm x 200 cm external dimensions: L: 211 cm, B: 102 cm, H: 228.5 cm head height of special: 261 cm jib rope. Natural hemp bars, spruce (not on photo, already mined) 2 bed, spruce with 8 rollers (soft) for softwood floors is bed well preserved with normal signs of wear (sale without mattresses and decoration) bed is mined, instruction is available: 65193 Wiesbaden City Centre

Bed boxes with matching cover
Offer 1377 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 April 2014

We sell our original Billi Bolli bed boxes with matching cover the offer includes: 2 x bed box in spruce oiled (300F-02) 2 x pull out bed cover oil waxed (303-02) dimensions: B 90 cm, D 85 cm, H 23 cm (with wheels) of 8 mm strong ground is designed for larger loads.
The two boxes with cover suited to a 100 x 200 cm bed.

They offer space for lots of toys, bedding, etc.
You are very herausfahrbar, so that is possible even under the bed of vacuuming (important in house dust allergies).
The bed boxes and cover are in top condition: no labels, no doodle, only the normal signs of wear. The oiled pine looks just great.

The items come from a clean non-smoking household.
The new price was EUR 300. We would like EUR 140 for both together. You can be seen in 69469 Weinheim, and can be picked up.

Because it is a private sale, as usual is sold without warranty, guarantee, or take-back obligation.

06201/340143 (AB)
Beech bunk bed
Offer 1376 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 22 April 2014

We sell our super sturdy, beloved Billi Bolli high bed in beech, oiled and waxed. We originally purchased late 2005 as "high bed growing with" bed and moved our 2008 a "sloping" supplemented with extension Kit.
Now my daughter or my son might be interested in this great bed. The former price of the bed with accessories and extension amounted to approximately 1750,-euro. The bed has slight wear, my daughter, brought only a few stickers, which already are away, my son has left a few quirks, otherwise the bed is top.

The complete set includes: - growing with high bed, beech, oiled, 90 x 200-2 x small shelf, beech oiled - oiled shop Board 90 cm, beech - rope and Schukelteller oiled beech - oiled curtain rod set for 3 pages.
-The roof slant bed Kit.
-Bunk Board beech 150 cm oiled.
-We ask for pickup Orig.Rechnung and assembly instructions. The bed should be picked in 47877 Willich (NRW).
The bed is completely decomposed.

Our asking price is 950,-euros.

Bunk bed over corner in spruce
Offer 1375 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 15 April 2014

For sale - with a heavy heart beloved Billi-Bolli adventure bed :-)

Over-corner bed 90 x 200 cm, pine oil, outside offset overhead crane beams after we bought 12/2003 new bed, then NP slatted amounted to 1,500 EUR incl.. It is in good condition with normal and usual wear.

Original invoice and instructions are available. The stuffed animals and mattresses are not sold.

Accessories: steering wheel, climbing rope, 2 bunk boards, 2 bunks with additional subdivision, 3 dolphins and 2 seahorses price: 850EUR VB for pickup of the already depleted bed in 31224 peine is a private sale without warranty, without return guarantee.

We send you more pictures upon request.

Slide for sale (pine)
Offer 1374 (Kids furniture second hand). Placed on 14 April 2014

The slide made from pine wood is a great addition to a Billi Bolli bed. The slide sticks out approx. 190 cm, therefore, you need at least 270 cm room next to the bed, in the direction of the slide (slide 190 cm + 80 cm run-out). The slide is in very good condition. We are located in London.

Please see here for more details: http://www.billi-bolli.com/childrens-room/accessories/slide/ price: EUR 100,-(was EUR 195,-)

Nadja Schliebener
Tel. +44 (0)7827 - 983 609
Email nadjaschliebener@hotmail.com
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